Famous People with Unexpected Background Stories


We all know superheroes have origin stories, someone who can lift a building or blow up a planet has to have an interesting and original back story. But we don’t expect something like that from everyday famous people. I mean, aren’t they special for being famous already? Well, sometimes, people you thought you knew everything about are actually surprisingly more awesome, or just plain weird, like…

Isaac Newton

isacYeah, the guy that made modern physics possible, father of gravitational theory and other nerdy stuff. So, what could be special about that guy, you ask? Well, I don’t know, maybe the fact that he was responsible for capturing and hanging of 27 people? Wait, what? All right, this needs some explaining. At the end of the 17th century, London had a huge problem with people faking money, so much, in fact, that the crime was punishable by death and there were task forces within the police whose only job was capturing forgers. There, comes Sir Newton. At age of 54, well established and famous scientist became a forger hunter, and for over 4 years he lurked the streets of London, searching for criminals and bringing them to justice. His genius brain was certainly helpful in this situation, and we can’t help but draw some parallels with another famous and genius London detective.
Abraham Lincoln

Abraham_Lincoln_November_1863Somewhere before becoming a president and after all that vampire hunting stuff, Abe Lincoln used to have a bar. And it was an awesome one. Now, you might not think of this as something noteworthy, but for six years, in the town of New Salem, Mr. Lincoln led an awesome party of a life any college kid can only hope to get before, you know – becoming a head of the state. Stories of crazy nights spent at his bar were so big that they followed him later in his political campaign, as his adversaries sent letters to voters warning them of Lincoln’s problematic past. They claimed his booze drinking abilities were nothing short of legendary. So, no wonder he won?

Fidel Castro

castroSo, Cuban communist leader that was feared and revered by pretty much everybody in the world for about fifty years is bound to have some awesome super hobby, right? Building a real life Transformers or a death ray machine to shoot down the Moon? Or, you know – baseball. Yes, you heard it right, baseball. Even as he did ban all pro sports on Cuba for political reasons, Mr. Castro was a big baseball enthusiast. He had a short career in amateur baseball, but had to quit it to become – you know, Fidel Castro. But, what you might have not known is that for almost 50 years of his rule he lead a sports blog. Yes, he wrote extensively about baseball, mixing the sport journalism with a little bit of politics, because, you know – Castro.